When did we publish Changing Places? Only a few weeks ago, right? So now it’s time to brace myself, sinister music goes here, for the book reviews. Many writers simply will not look at them. Some ego-tripping writer once said something like “Those who want to be writers of books read book reviews, the writers of books don’t.” What, grandly dismiss them all? Well, sorry, I find that level of arrogance appalling. That’s not who I am. I’m too short to look down my nose at anyone!
So I guess I’ll read the darn reviews. But I’ll have to be honest, the mere thought of reading the first one gives me the willies. So what am I afraid of? In our consulting practice, Designed Outcomes, we welcome any kind of feedback, good or bad, with open arms. Why can’t I be just as open-minded when it comes to the book? After all, a book review is nothing more than feedback. Negative or positive, I’ll face it head on. And yet, somewhere deep inside, I need that very first review to be a really good one. Sorry to say, that’s the only way I’ll get rid of the willies.
Hold on, I think I know exactly where to look to find that positive review. It’s so obvious. To like the book you must read the book. But first you have to buy it.  Hey, we printed it in paperback, it’s not expensive. I bet I can find someone who bought the book and then posted a Customer Review on my publisher’s website,
And much to my relief, I found this little gem:

“This is the best book I didn’t know I needed.
Thank you for a wonderful look into what I need to do now to make the end result something I can call a success.”
            Loretta Martin

Short and sweet, I love it! And she gave it five stars.
Thank you, Loretta.
I’ll leave all of you with this. Book reviews are feedback. I thrive on feedback. So whenever you can, please give it!
Check it out: “Changing Places: Making a Success of Succession Planning for Entrepreneurs and Family Business Owners” (published by AuthorHouse). Feedback please to:
LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA – 230PM PST, 112712)

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