About Us

Designed Outcomes is a collection of like-minded practitioners, blending decades of experience and a wide variety of skill sets to help leaders in organizations resolve or dissolve their most pervasive and perplexing problems.  

Designed Outcomes can dramatically enhance the impact and effectiveness of executives by finding ways to leverage the natural abilities, assets, expertise and wealth of experience throughout their organization, exploiting everyday management actions to achieve remarkable results.  

We blend our skills to bring the optimal set of advisors together with clients to meet their specific needs. When necessary, we reach out to a wider network of our professional connections, collaborating in innovative ways for the benefit of those we serve.  

In everything we do, we allow the specifics of the situation to define how best to approach the issue, with clear design of your desired outcome driving our work efforts.   While our approach allows us to work effectively with any type of organization, and in any business field, many of our more recent efforts have focused on helping clients prepare for the future by developing leadership skills throughout their organizations.  

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