A Designed Outcome is a specific objective achieved through personal tactics. It is what you can get when you determine exactly how you want a situation to play out, analyze precisely what you need to do to make it happen, and then act on your plan with commitment and conviction. You have to be crystal clear about your goals, so that the tactics–your personal actions–are specific to the situation and fit your style and methods.

We work with clients to find highly-leveraged, small scale actions with the potential for large returns. Their small scale means they add little in the way of marginal cost; their leverage is based on how well the tactics fit the situation. Even if we miscalculate, or chance intervenes in an unforeseen way, the scale and leverage employed limit downside exposure. But don't assume that because the tactics are personal that only incremental outcomes are achievable. Highly leveraged tactics can be designed to achieve comprehensive outcomes in one or a few moves. Sometimes, this happens by chance.

We make it happen by design.