Praise for Changing Places

Failure to plan for succession has led to the demise of many great family businesses. If they’d had access to Changing Places, they would likely still be in business today–and thriving! Dave Franzetta and Moss Jackson have the ability to take a highly complex subject like succession and transition planning and break it down into manageable steps that we can all follow. Changing Places may not save your life, but it may very well save your business.
-Scott Elkins, President, UAS, Inc.
Over the course of 25 years of consulting with owners of realty firms we have found that few ever leave themselves with the option of extending their firm’s life through succession planning. Generally it is an afterthought leaving an outside sale their only option.  Changing Places is the first book that is written in clear language and that gets to the heart of how to build a succession plan successfully.  The step-by-step suggestions from the authors makes clear what any owner of a business needs to know.
-Steve Murray, President, REALTrends
Changing Places holds a lot of value for anyone peeling back the onion on an aspect of their business that has been lurking in the background but given little attention–succession and transition planning. The chapters are full of solid examples that create familiarity with the topics. My favorite part is the questions at the end of each chapter. They ask the reader to think about their own situation, delving into the emotions that will influence the upcoming transition.
-Becky Scott, Becky Scott Coaching