Alan Engelstad

For 25 years, Alan Engelstad has worked with executives in North America and Europe, using his expertise in metamorphology (the study of how things change) to capture latent value within their companies that would otherwise be out of reach.  In this capacity he has advised companies in the energy, financial, communications, manufacturing and real estate sectors.  At the same time, he has worked with leaders in social sector organizations, applying the same expertise to issues in health care, education, housing and social enterprise innovation.

Alan Engelstad is an Adjunct Professor of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in which he is Module director for the Catalytic Mindset: Achieving Change module of McGill’s International Masters for Health Management (IMHL) program.  Engelstad has recently been appointed Cycle Director of the IMHL’s sister program, the International Masters in Practicing Management (IMPM), developed jointly by McGill and Lancaster Universities.
Mr Engelstad serves as Education Director for Patients Canada, an organization dedicated to bringing an articulate patient voice to health care in Canada.  In this capacity he promotes patient engagement strategies linked to key performance indicators.

Mr Engelstad lives in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, where he is active in developing rural community social and economic development innovations.

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