Moss Jackson

Moss A. Jackson, Ph.D. is a clinical and organizational psychologist. For more than thirty years he has specialized in teaching people to navigate their lives with success by helping them discover and execute their personal visions and dreams. He is the author of two previous books, Navigating for Success: Passion Goals, & Action, and Navigating Your Business Relationships: 52 Skills You Need to Know. You can learn more about his books at
He is President of Corporate Initiatives, which offers cutting edge, on-line assessments to assist clients in identifying their talents, skills, motivators and competencies, leading to increased performance and personal satisfaction.
His focus is on helping people and companies to maximize their talent and success. Moss will tell you, “Selecting the right person for the job is essential in order to create a ‘Goodness of Fit.’ The cost of a hiring mistake is too high. Let’s do it right the first time. Once onboard, we fast track coach for success.,high performance and team acceptance. Another key is to identify weaknesses and areas for personal development. Catching the problem early prevents much distress later on. My goal is to teach people how to navigate their careers, rather than being victims or survivors. Focused people make major contributions to the team. Victims and survivors require a lot of effort to manage.”
Moss and his wife live in Ardmore, PA.
You can contact Moss at