PART 3 – Tuesday, October 23rd, Dave Franzetta, co-author of Changing Places, talked with radio host, Stu Taylor, on Money Maters Radio, broadcast out of WBNW in Boston. This is Part 3 of a 4-Part edited version of the radio interview.
STU: We’re back with Dave Franzetta, the co-author along with Moss Jackson, of Changing Places.  Dave, this is such a wide-ranging subject. Transitions, making the preparations on your own, thinking about a transition team, hiring…
DAVE: The book really covers everything.
STU: How would you define for me then the principle thesis of the book?
DAVE: Well the main theme of our book is that the work of succession planning, as it’s typically thought about, focuses almost entirely on providing for a continuity of leadership within an organization. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a mom and pop. But that work is very, very different from the work that we call, Transition Planning. And that’s dealing with the personal transitions and upheaval that result from changes in leadership. And we think it’s a really critical distinction since most business leaders tend to overlook, or even ignore, the many and varied personal transitions that people experience while an organization is changing.
STU: Transition Planning for success.
DAVE: Exactly. And Dr. Jackson and I found that the failure to manage those transitions — the personal, internal, psychological changes — is often the root cause of failed change efforts in organizations of any size. But counter to that, when they carefully consider and manage well those transitions, the success rate is very, very high.
STU: And we’ll cover that successfully next…
To be continued…stay tuned for the next blog post
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