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I think it was last month. I met this really nice guy, very knowledgeable, who was the star salesman for a family-owned printing company. He had some dire concerns about his job. The company had been founded and built by the family patriarch, the sole owner, who ran it with an iron fist. Then…(Read More)

So here I am on a crowded plane and this brash young man sitting next to me asked me if my new book, Changing Places, “was relevant in today’s economy?” And as I am prone to do when asked a stupid question, I answered back by slowly repeating the question. “IS…MY BOOK…RELEVANT…(Read More)



Wow! So yes we officially published the book last MONTH and you know I’m not sure how I feel about me being an author.  I don’t feel like I’m any smarter or wiser or anything. I don’t look any different. I don’t feel too full of myself. I got my…(Read More)