Dave Franzetta is an innovative thinker and creative problem solver who developed strong leadership and leadership development capabilities over his thirty-year career with Prudential Financial. When he retired from Prudential in 2004 he began his work as an advisor with international think-tank Interchange Associates. A year later he founded Designed Outcomes, a highly specialized consulting firm that works with senior executives to resolve complex and pervasive business problems and business-growth challenges. His focus is on finding relatively inexpensive and easy to implement ways to resolve, and sometimes simply dissolve, pervasive and vexing business problems.
Over the past few years, his efforts have largely involved working with senior executives to improve their effectiveness, designing and delivering leadership development programs , and assisting with the creation and execution of effective transition and succession plans for entrepreneurs and family business owners. Dave resides with his wife in Laguna Niguel, California.
You can contact Dave at dfranzetta@gmail.com

Listen to Dave On The Air–Talking About Changing Places, and Sharing Succession Planning War Stories

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