POST INTERVIEW – On Tuesday, October 23rd, Dave Franzetta, co-author of Changing Places, talked with radio host, Stu Taylor, on Money Maters Radio, broadcast out of WBNW in Boston. This is Dave’s recap of the radio interview after its conclusion.
DAVE: Actually I thought the interview went very well. Stu Taylor is really a great guy with an incredible wealth of business knowledge. I was flattered he had actually read our book, Changing Place. He was genuinely intrigued by it, which helped, because he asked me some really smart questions. So, good interview, let’s not belabor it. Except for one thing. We left something out! You see, the interview was on Tuesday, the morning after the last Obama/Romney presidential “great debate,” and of course we had to talk about it a little. However, for the sake of brevity, we edited those comments out for the blog. But now I’m thinking it was kind of cool how I weaseled out of taking any sides politically! So I’ll share it now:
STU: So I’ve got to ask, what if you had written Changing Places during more affluent economic times? This economy was sure the main issue last night…
DAVE: Well sure. We all listened to the debate last night I think and we heard Governor Romney and President Obama both talking about the importance of small businesses as the engine for job creation and economic growth. Well, this is the point when the moderator, Bob Schieffer, should have said, You’re both right!
Ok, that’s it with that. I’m off to plug the book at the next stop. They say going on “Book Tour” is a necessary evil. I don’t know. I rather enjoy it.
Check it out: “Changing Places: Making a Success of Succession Planning for Entrepreneurs and Family Business Owners”(published by AuthorHouse). Feedback please to:

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