Wow! So yes we officially published the book last MONTH and you know I’m not sure how I feel about me being an author.  I don’t feel like I’m any smarter or wiser or anything. I don’t look any different. I don’t feel too full of myself. I got my copy from the publisher a few weeks ago; and I do have to say…I’m riding on a cloud right now, excited/grateful/proud/relieved to finally get Changing Places published. I guess what I like best is the trickle [hoping it will grow to a flood] of “reviews” I’m getting from friends and colleagues around the country. I loved the headline for our publisher’s first Press Release:
Human Drama. Intrigue. Family Fortunes At Stake. All This In A Business Management Book?
Yes, so it’s great to provide much needed and previously unavailable content for entrepreneurs and family business owners facing transition. And given the economic environment, getting Changing Places out there is timely indeed. For sure it will be required reading for my consultancy clients. But the thing I am most stoked about is that people enjoy reading it! Many read it in one sitting. Are you kidding? See, that’s the big surprise for me, that all the narrative real-life examples we provided actually make our business book…a good read.
So check it out. “Changing Places: Making a Success of Succession Planning for Entrepreneurs and Family Business Owners” (published by AuthorHouse).
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Dave Franzetta and Moss Jackson pen new action planning guide, Changing Places, for small business owners facing the conflict of generational leadership change.
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